Saturday, October 08, 2005

It's time for an Art Crash.

Well, my mania to do SOMETHING hasn't really subsided over the course of a long night spent painting for cash. I finished my illustrations for "The Student Singer's Starter Kit (Volume 1)" by Cindy Sadler last night....and I'm sort of "free" to do something strange and rewarding.
So I'm pulling an Art Crash. For the two (or any) of you who haven't been reading the Blog since it started, I tend to stay up painting a lot and not stopping until I have to pass out. Usually it's so I can get a project done in time or just finish a bunch of stuff I had lying around. Art Crashes aren't as industrious as they sound, because I take breaks like crazy and generally slack my butt off. Art Crashes typically only produce a dozen or so interesting pieces. That said, I've decided to kick my own ass.
TOMORROW I will be starting one seriously hardcore Art Crash. I took a very simple drawing (a couple of circles, really) and Xeroxed it 50 times. Here's my challenge/plan: Tomorrow afternoon (and I'll post again so I can officially see how long this takes me) I'm going to sit down and paint 51 variations in acrylic, watercolor, ink, and whatever and not sleep until it's over. I'm not sure how long this is going to take, but the joy is really seeing what the hell comes out of my brain. I also stocked up:
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What you see are the makings of the experiment: 1 very basic drawing, 2 bottles of Soda Club cola mix (pure caffeine+sugar that you're supposed to mix with carbonated water), 2 snobby energy coffee drinks, 1 Halloween blister pack of kinder eggs, 1 bottle of absinthe, and 1 bottle of Chartreuse. The only thing not pictured are my gothy and oh-so-bad for me cloves that I smoke. The Kinder Eggs, for those of you who don't know, are these chocolate eggs with toys inside of them. Not normal toys either. I've pulled tiny plastic Frodos and a glow-in-the-dark ninja mushrooms out of these things. When I first heard about the 24-hour comic, my first instinct was to do one where I wove a randomly generated plot by simply basing the whole narrative on what toys I got. Example: Plastic Ninja + tiny jigsaw puzzle + Spongebob eraserhead= The story of a ninja trying to piece together his sanity while hallucinations from invading American Pop Culture assault him. Or something like that. Basically sometime tomorrow I'm going to try out the idea and base a few of the paintings off what I pull out of the eggs. The booze is included because if I'm not impaired/affected enough by hyperfocus and sleep deprivation, I may want back-up. I stopped my "Drunk Painting" series a while back and this might be an excuse to do that again. Maybe. Oh and kids: Don't smoke and drink. It's very bad for you.
I'll post again when this whole thing officially starts tomorrow.
Oh and since I feel bad for blathering on about art stuff so much, please enjoy the flyer that came with my Pizza last night:
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My pizza place now offers a "Pimpmaster" pizza. Bacon, pepperoni, onions, and um...stuff...on BBQ sauce. Keep in mind that when they say BBQ sauce, they mean there's no tomato sauce anywhere on the pizza. Germany is a lot like those pizza places in those "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" movies. They actually offer all sorts of pizzas with alternative sauces. Alternates include: sour cream, sweet & sour sauce, oil & vinegar, and some weird German thing that translates to "mustard." Gross.
Oh and besides the "Pimpmaster," my pizza place now offers dishes entitled: "Busta", Shrimpmasta', V.I.P, and Gangster. Man, is that lame.
See you guys tomorrow.
"who feels sneaky by announcing and starting this on a weekend when he KNOWS no one is reading"


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