Sunday, October 09, 2005

Jerome is Special (an update)

It's now a bit past 1 and, for the love of all that is holy, my hands hurt like a bitch. But here's the current state of things.
In a surprise move, I ended up being kind of organized about this. Right now I have
51 drawings done. All 51 of them are inked. All 51 of them are cleaned up. I'm starting to paint them right now. While I intended for these to be random drawings of whatever came to my mind, somehow they ended up making a story. There's only 13 words in the whole thing, but there is indeed some sort of narrative thing. Sort of. Here's the first page, completely unfinished:
Image hosted by
Jerome ends up being kinda special, even if he doesn't talk much.
On a related note, I've never had more fun doing this, even if my right hand is bleeding. I can't believe I hadn't tried doing anything this industrious before. Did I mention I'm manic and happy?
Now to see how long it takes me to finish. Right now I'd say the key is ignoring the fact that I've got what looks like a bajillion things to paint. More later.
PS: Just so you understand, (it'll be important later, trust me) here's a look at the thing I Xeroxed 50 times:
Image hosted by
So very simple, but definitely fun to play with. Like I said, more later. I've got to PAINT.


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