Sunday, August 28, 2005

Digital Manipulation Dilemma....

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I spent the other afternoon goofing around with Photoshop....something I never really do. It had something to do with not being completely thrilled with how my comics were looking and curious to see if I could make something that looked...ahem....more like "actual" webcomics. Whether I did or not is beside the point...the sad fact is that I sort of LIKED goofing around with Photoshop and more importantly, I kind of like what came out of it.
Why does this make me feel guilty?
It shouldn't, considering how freaking schizo the site is already...but for the most part there's been no digital manipulation on the site yet. Gah.

I swear, I've got to be the only guy moralizing about Photoshop.


Blogger Smartie said...

don't you find it funny how when people leave comments on your blog they sound like they don't really care at all it cracks me up, all they want to do is advertise their company! how impersonal! all the comments are like, "wow, great blog on farming, if you want to buy my product on automatic sewing machines you should go to such and such a website, it'll will really help you." lank! what a load oh codswollop! lol! sorry i just wanted to use that word... it's a fun word to use... what i really meant to say was what a load of shit. sorry, it just really annoys me... your blog is really awesome though! haven't finished reading everything but i like the cartoon on this entry. will finish reading it now and leave another comment, don't worry it won't be this long...

6:53 AM  
Blogger Jared said...

Dear that Blog Spam? I just don't know.

And Vicky: Don't apologize for long posts...words are (mostly) free.
btw codswollop IS an awesome word; though for some reason I only see it spelled "cockswallop."
Maybe I'm just going to the wrong websites.

8:23 AM  
Blogger KIKI said...

hi, thanks for your comment on my blog. You've got blog spam too! They're very annoying, aren't they.

I read some of your entries and I liked your cartoons! They're really cute & funny. Few people in Japan draw cartoons like this. Expecting to see more funny stuff ;-)

9:33 PM  
Blogger Shani said...

That is indeed 'comment spam'. They haven't read your blog, they aren't a real human being, it's a computer that posts everywhere it can. Turn on the image captchas and they'll stop. (That's a test that proves it's a human being trying to post).

I do like your blog though, and your doodles :P for some reason they remind me of Return to Sender, have you seen that? I think it's something about the eyes. And the insanity, obviously. Shame it doesn't update any more.


5:41 AM  

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