Thursday, July 30, 2009

GenCon's a'comin', Jerks, and Sleepaway Sexual Repression

So, 3 things and I'll keep it quick since I'm in crazy busy mode. (Currently on my worktable: Drunken D&D Art, GenCon requests, an illustration for an elementary school library, a Canvas full of Kobolds, MORE D&D-type art, and, well, other stuff that can't be summarized. All to be done by next week.)

Issue #1: GenCon & my vacation.
Starting the week of August 12th, I'm going to be away from my studio/home in Berlin until September 5th or so. I'll be uploading things to the Blog since it'll be difficult (but not impossible) for me to update to the website, at least for the first few weeks of wanderlust. From previous experience I know that if I don't keep up the art while I'm on vacation I have trouble getting back into the routine when I return, so expect some weird stuff doodled on hotel napkins, backs of character sheets, and, well, people's body parts.
(Totally Reminded of a particular bit of fanfare:)

I'll be posting an illustrated Guide to how to stalk me while I'm on vacation, since I'll be trying to meet up with a HELL of a lot of people. The short version (and email me if we're supposed to meet and I've somehow forgotten you):
August 11-17th: I'm in Indy meeting Geek Folk, selling paintings under the table, and doing something with some Jerks (See Topic of Interest #2)
August 17th - 24th: I'll be in Update New York (Mostly), the Binghamton Tri-Cities area in particular. Meeting folks and frolicing with old friends.
August 25th - September 5th: I'll be in Jacksonville Florida meeting family (my sister keeps creating spawn) and attempting to bribe some judges for a certain art contest.

Issue #2: Jerks in the Backrow.
If you haven't seen the new button on the Links page, check it out. Or just click HERE to see the Jerks. Cool guys and I'll be hanging with them one evening in Indy doing exactly what I'm not completely sure yet but I do know ONE thing we'll be doing.
I got invited to make fun of The Dark Crystal. Blasphemy and Terrible things are almost guaranteed to ensue.

Issue #3: Sleepaway Camp. Finally.
Click HERE, damn you.

Issue #Bonus:
Thanks to everyone who voted in the RYZ "Dungeons and Dragons" shoe contest. We won't find out who won until this Monday, but making the final round was more than groovy as was the sheer volume of folks who asked me to make these even if I don't win. As cool as that sounds, I've no idea how to go about that. But:
Thanks again. You guys are awesome and reminding me I really need to get off my ass and find a better shop to put designs on. Again: You Rock.

And, that, is it for today.


Blogger Graham said...

Great stuff, man.

A couple notes:

1) If you need ftp access to update the site, a number of us doing the DD&D thing will have ftp-capable laptops at GenCon, so feel free to use them.

2) I just discovered that the store I'm working at has (at least) three copies of Teeth available for purchase.

I'm... not entirely sure what to do in this situation... :P

9:19 AM  
Blogger Jared said...


By the way this just in:

The Game Company, who shall remain nameless, just got back to me saying they want to see color versions of my cards (the original deck of my game was in black and white). The statement:
"Sadly we can't get this out in time for the Christmas Season" makes me think that I may have actually found the route to get the damn thing published. For real. Wish me luck, I'm sending away color versions later this week for their perusal!

9:26 AM  
Blogger Jared said...

Oh: I WILL be bringing a collection of terrible movies with me. If folks are brave enough and up for staying up, I totally plan on tricking said folks into watching some terrible, god awful movies while I'm at GenCon. And New York. And Florida.

Just saying.

PS: You totally want to watch Teeth. You know you do.

9:27 AM  
Blogger Graham said...

Teeth has been rented and watched.

...oh my fucking god, that was an awesome movie! I need to own it now!

9:30 PM  

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