Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Goblin Stompers....Today!

Did you know voting for the Dungeons & Dragons Contest started today? You didn't? Did you want some Goblin Stompers?
Fine. You don't have to vote for me but at least vote. It's an awesome contest and I have a sneaking suspicion the contest didn't get as much action and attention as Wizards was hoping/expecting it to. But hey, voting! Go, now!
Click HERE!

Oh and to everyone who thinks I should forget the contest and just print up my own shoes: You're crazy. The one thing I'm the worst at (besides painting a straight line) is research on how to make money with my Art. It's a good idea but man, I suck. Right now I've been stumped the past few days just on how to get Business Cards made up.

Edit: By the way, it's become clear that a lot of people don't get what RYZ is. Hell, I entered the contest before even reading up on it. Check out their Launch Video on Youtube. It kind of explains the whole gimmick and, well, sort of makes you feel warm and fuzzy for being part of it. The shoes are pretty darn expensive by my standards but, well, I'm a ghetto artist who just goofs around with paints. What do I know? Check them out all the same:


Anonymous Brett said...

I voted for them. Yours was one of three designs I could actually see myself wearing.

5:16 AM  

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