Monday, June 27, 2005

Long Lost Article #1 & White Trash

Sometimes I set something aside with the intention of writing an article about it and then, when the time comes, I get distracted by something else entirely. I've got a review of a few things (another opera review, for example) that I wanted to put up earlier, but I got behind on my schedule because some new random stuff showed and well, I get easily distracted/side-tracked.
A prime example of this would be my Greek Vacation. Last year (not this year but 2003) I spent my Christmas Holiday in Athens visiting a friend. It was a great time from the scariest strip show ever to scaring the populace (who was much shorter than I) by dressing flamboyantly (and thereby being openly gay). I'm not gay, but apparently nail polish, black or otherwise, is a clear sign of having an insatiable lust for cock. :sigh: What are you going to do? Anyway, Greece (despite being the most homophobic country I've ever been to) had a lot of very, very weird things in it. The article will eventually get posted, but since it's been a hella-long time since it happened, I figured I'd shoot you folks two of my favorite highlights.
1: Advertising in Greece is very subtle and intelligent.
Image hosted by
Or not. Europe is so killer sometimes.
Moving on, I found a run-down carnival/fair while I was in that looked like it hadn't had a "face lift" in a long time. There were broken rides everywhere, airbrushed paintings involving an old man, a crab, and a goat in a "questionable" position, and a haunted house featuring a stuffed witch doing the nasty on a broomstick. I'm not kidding.
Yet, if I had to share only one thing I would HAVE to share this:
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You are looking at the Carnival's sign telling you where the toilet is. What are you looking at? A broken-ass "fountain" designed to look like a pre-pubescent boy unirating into a pan. Gah.
What the hell? I feel dirty just looking at it. What's more, I'd be frightened what kind of freaks would specifically seek out the "pantless child" restroom. That's a gathering place I want no part of.

Bonus crap:
Speaking of long lost Articles, there's a restaurant called White Trash here in Berlin that I've been wanting to review. I haven't yet, because, well, it's pretty twisted and I would HAVE to share the restaurant's "Wall of Porn" (which might get me into trouble with my Web Host's "NO PORN" rule. That, and I know for a fact that KIDS visit this site.). I'll probably break down and do it (and spend several hours "censoring" the Wall of Porn pictures) but, in the meantime, I'll simply share a small portion of their menu with you:
Image hosted by

Enjoy yourselves.


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You forgot to mention the cross-dressing prostitutes!

I might as well spread rumors ;)

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