Thursday, August 25, 2005

Fun with Urinals

As previously stated, I'm not a huge fan of Blog traditions such as posting quiz results and just going through your favorites and sharing each and every one of them. Still, I found something AMAZING online that I've got to share. Now, what you're about to see, admittedly, melts my brain. It melts my brain because I just can't fathom it. But it's cool. And actually nice to look at. I want one. in my living room.
What the hell am I talking about?
Image hosted by
Clark Sorensen (of California...proving the state can't be all bad) made an entire series of urinals to look like flowers (as well as one seashell and one carnivorous plant). :blink blink: They're fully functional and make a statement. I"m not sure what that statement is, but it takes someone really creative or someone who REALLY likes peeing on flowers to put these things together. I'm hoping Clark's the former and not the latter. Or vice versa....I'm not sure anymore. Check out his site at
Oh and if you're looking for an early Christmas Gift for me, I would LOVE to drain my weasel in the Pitcher Plant urinal. Seriously though, these things are "beautiful", original, and more than just a little Dadaist. Good job Clark.
PS: I'd love to see a urinal designed like one of those "dunking booths" you see at the fair...what with the bullseye and the little guy hanging precariously on a board. Oddly enough, I first had this idea when I was in Amsterdam. In the airport, the urinals have insects painted in the bottom of them...thereby giving you something to aim for. Well, I thought it was awesome. Stop judging me, damn it.


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