Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Jesus was a Carpenter...

The Passion of the Christ. So much has already been said. Sure, its a religious snuff film. Sure, if you're Jewish it might bug you. Sure, its about the passion of THE Christ (as opposed just any old Christ figure). So what do I have to say about this film?
Alright. I accept the whole "Jesus was a carpenter" thing. I don't know if that was a good or bad job back then, but hey, it was his job. What I find freaking hilarious is that Jesus, according to Mel Gibson's religious film, did do one good thing one this earth besides dying for a bunch of Western people (because Asians have no souls apparently). So what did he do?
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Apparently Jesus Christ is the genius behind "Table & Chair" technology. I don't know how historically accurate this is, but there's nothing funnier than watching the Messiah peddle the benefits of his all-new & improved table design. Gah.


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