Sunday, September 25, 2005

German Advertisement: The Bunnies

I had an interesting adventure traveling in Berlin this weekend. By "interesting" I mean that the whole thing totally sucked something terrible. Before I get into that let me share something I saw while traveling:
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Not that unusual, right? Women set up in sexy poses is nothing new, certainly. But take a closer look. What's that in the background?
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If you said: "Hey, those are bunnies screwing each other!" then you would be correct. While I've been out of the states for a while now, I really don't know if this would fly in America. I mean, seriously. Wouldn't someone be offended by the fact that there are bunnies humping each other all over the poster? By the way, this poster isn't just in one or even a few places.....It is EVERYWHERE. Every train stop, every revolving advertisement stand (it's a Berlin thing)....and, well, you'll see.
Billboards are illegal in Berlin (as they are in some cities in America). The way companies get around this is by renting "wall space" so they can just put a sign on the side of a building. It's most often done when a piece of architecture is getting renovated, so you don't see the gutted building beneath. Hell, I saw a church with a Nike ad running up and down the length of it. Gah.
Anyway, I was talking about the fug-bunnies.
There is something very, very special when you can look up and see four flights of giant fugging bunnies.
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Berlin is so random/cool sometimes.

I don't usually tell too personal Livejournaly stuff here but since it actually annoyed me: On Saturday I went on an adventure to fetch authentic American food. It's not a big deal but once a month we crave something from our homeland. Sadly, that means KFC, Pizza Hut, or just Burger King. (Kind of makes you sad to realize those ARE the local colors of food in America.) You can only get this in a few places in Berlin so I hopped on a few trains and headed to Europa Center (the big mall the Allied forces left here in Berlin). Successful in my quest, I tried to get on the buses...only the buses weren't running. I ended up taking a taxi....until we hit a roadblock. After walking around it I found another taxi.....and another roadblock. What was going on?
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All I will say is that Rollerbladers need to die. I don't know what the benefit/marathon was for, but ALL Saturday public transportation was brought to its knees by a rollerblader marathon that bisected the city in a dozen different places. Walking home sucks in a big city that relies on public transportation. Does the same thing happen in NYC? Does an entire city stop its buses from running so that a marathon can happen all day?
Berlin is a city that you don't need a car in because public transportation is awesome....faster than driving most of the time. That all depends on it running though. Bah.


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