Saturday, September 03, 2005

On Not being a complete bastard....

I'm terrible at plugging things but I just wanted to tell anyone who checks out the site that I'll be participating in a webcomic fundraiser where the funds go to help folks affected by Katrina. Maybe I'm trying to karmically pay for the comic below or all those puppies in my crawlspace. I'm not sure.
All I can say is that it's my good deed for the day. They'll be using another "Katrina-Centric" comic I made (not the Goth one beneath) and I won't be posting it on my site until after the telethon in the sheer hope that the two members of my audience might head over there and be brainwashed into giving money. At the very least it should be sort of entertaining...
Anyway the page is found here:
They gave me this cute little banner as well, but to be honest I'm going to have to paint my own (for the main page) this weekend because a few of you might know my feelings on banners. Or you might not. Watch next week's title banner for it.
Anyway here's the magical photoshop banner they gave me to promote the whole deal:
Image hosted by
Isn't it shiny?

"who is still probably going to Hell"

Update: I just found out that my Aunt Melanie from New Orleans is alive, well-fed, and completely UNVIOLATED! Rock on. :relief:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just dropping by to say that your Lestat comic almost gave me an aneurism trying not to laugh in the library.

Good work!

10:53 AM  

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