Tuesday, November 22, 2005

AOL almost had it....

AOL had this "headline" up a few weeks ago:
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If you read that as "Samuel Jackson really HAS sunk to a new level by being in the Star Wars films," then your thought process was like mine. For once, I thought AOL news (haha) was actually reporting something negative about a big money franchise. Stupid me. Turns out it's just talking about stuntmen. :sigh:
Also for Veteran's Day, they had the caption "Veterans get Served." Isn't "getting Served" some sort of "getting totally owned" slang? A half hour after that went it it was changed to "Veterans who Served." God I love AOL sometimes.
Computer Doom update: Due to the help of my older woman and a few VERY kind people, my current (OLD) computer has been equiped for my purposes. It's living on borrowed borrowed (that's two times the suck) time, but it should be able to do what I need it to at about ten times the speed. It reminds me of the old days of writing school reports on a a word processor and not a computer. One of those old ghetto "portable" electronic typewriters. Maybe you missed that phase of technology. Lucky you.
So while I will say that if you want something now's the time to tell me, Head Injury Theater WILL continue, albeit without so much digital gusto. Forgive my "computer on fire + poverty" panic.


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