Monday, February 20, 2006

Day 1's Secret....REVEALED

I have a problem. I don't read many webcomics. Sure, I'm interested to find out what's out there...but I check out maybe 3-5 webcomics a week. Compared to a lot of other ethernet denizens, that's pretty sad. So when a fan of the webcomic HOUSD asked me to paint a super secret "Happy 1000th Comic" bit of Art it was a little weird. But I threw the request on the pile because I'm sucker for people who ask me to do art as well as the fact that rumor has it that Ali (the guy who makes said comic) liked my stuff. So I sat down to read a few so I'd know at least a couple of the characters before drawing something. Looking at a "few" webcomics turn into reading about 600 of them in a single sitting. So I guess I'm saying that I've added HOUSED to my small but growing list of stuff I look at regularly. Besides usually being honestly funny (as opposed to deceptively humorous) it also taught me that I like totally type and talk like Shaggy from Scooby Doo (check a few strips back to see what I'm talking about). Anyway that super-secret Art that's mentioned on the site was this:

Did I mention his strip also has a goth character who rants about webcomics and how much they suck in his LiveJournal? No. I really should mention that sometime. It's kind of Clever.
Check it out:


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