Monday, February 20, 2006

Day 6: A State of Calm

For those of you just joining us, due to technical issues check out what you can here:
First off: I'll get to scanning some more stuff sometime if you're obsessively checking the website (and the webcam I totally forgot about until just now) you were warned.
Personal FunTime Happy Story (in small print so you can skip it if you want): Today is a good day. I really have achieved a state of calm. It's weird but when I got up today and saw the amount of stuff to scan, the pile of unfinished stuff, the list of things still to paint, the clock reminding me how I'm still behind, and the broken computer that won't let me update my all broke. What started out as my own personal Artistic Christmas just wasn't fun. So you know what I've been doing today? I took a break. I don't have time to afford that...but it really felt good to skip work. I think that's part of why I'm doing this. All that stupid hippy stuff people say they learn from within during these things sounds really emotional and phony when you read about it so I'll spare you that. Suffice to say that despite catching up the other day I'm way behind...but I'm cool with that.
So instead of painting faster I'm just going to continue painting stuff that I think is good. I'll catch up I'm sure (though it'll be close unless I cheat) but I figured I'd just let you people know that at somepoint on Sunday I snapped and today I've broken past the despair, got myself some expensive American food (KFC), spent the time I needed to to fix the damn website problem, and got back to painting relatively stress-free. Life is good. Again.
What's to come: Celebrity requests (people who I enjoy that were kind enough to respond to an email), about 30 paintings revolving around the worst/most retarded Megaman bosses ever, watercolor photography (don't ask if you dont' already know), and lots and lots of weird paintings. I may also do a simple ink series to help me catch up. The fact that I'm trying to do most of these in full color means that there's a lot of steps in completing them.
Edit: Also I'll update the Blog with the Super Secret Art request that's mentioned on the site since, I believe, it's not a secret anymore. When I'm sure...all shall become clear.


Blogger Collin said...

Hang in there. Sorry I haven't been around showing much support. As last week went on I was less and less around my computer. I don't think I touched it at all on Saturday and Sunday. Quite a few of the paintings you've posted so far are nothing short of awesome.

8:11 AM  

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