Tuesday, February 21, 2006

DAY 8 (Previously Day 7) Update


That's over a hundred and forty paintings for you guys to look at.
I have nothing more to say besides I'm pretty happy. That is all. Enjoy the Art.
Edit: Instead of me making another post to tell you that nothing really that important happened on dreaded day 8, I'm just editing this post to, well, tell you exactly that. I've gotten momentum and sorted out the routine to doing this so all is well in the world. I'm pretty sure I'll have everything done soon enough. On a related note, originally my plan was to try to keep doing this and shoot for 300 hours if I thought I could pull it off and still be sane. I'm debating that now.
In the meantime, the ink fairy came to my flat with gifts of colored ink. Enjoy this Flea I painted:
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Fun, right?
Oh and my manager wants me to make sure everyone knows that the whole "$10 for anything painted in the Art Crash" is a special case and that amount is not representative of what I usually accept to be parted from these things. I hate talking about money but I figured I'd say something since a few of you have taken the ten dollar thing to mean that's what my paintings usually go for. I'm uncomfortable talking about this already, but what needed to be said's been said.
Back to the topic of doing this until 300 hours rolls around: I like the idea, but I'm wondering what more there is to gain from it. I've figured a lot of stuff out, gotten new techniques, and pretty much found a zen-like state of mind that you could sharpen razors on (whatever that means). So the real issue is do I stop, take a few deep breaths, and see what's next on my agenda....or do I keep going knowing that if I stop now I'll regret not going further? There's no question whether I could do it or not...hell, it's only three more days. It's more of an issue of whether it's worth it or not. Decisions, decisions.


Blogger Collin said...

I kow there are at least two that I want.

8:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...





And it's awesome. I may buy some.

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