Thursday, October 12, 2006

Friday the 13th....with Mutant Kittens.

Happy Friday the 13th, guys and gals. Enjoy the day with some bad movies and maybe a little Jason Voorhees on the side. In that regard, make sure you enjoy this (mostly because it's almost 9,000 words...a length that's quickly becoming my holiday standard for better or for worse).
Tonight I'll be carving a few pumpkings (as well as making a "Tiki-O-Lantern") and watching a bunch of horror movies. What did you expect? I recently got a hold of something called "The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made." That's not completely true, but it is something magical. It's from the same director as "Jesus Christ: Serial Rapist." That should totally clue you in on what everyone's in store for. Man.
Bonus Holiday weirdness:
You know that AOL News game that I play from time to time. Today I saw this headline button:
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...and totally thought it had something to do with normal kittens versus genetically modified kittens. You know, like the ones discussed here:
Then again, an article about chain-smoking, alcoholic kittens isn't half bad either.
Oh and if you are interested in some killer cat movies this weekend, besides Pet Sematary, makes sure to rent Stephen King's OTHER killer cat movie, Sleepwalkers, a goofy film about cat people that explode if a normal cat touches them. If you can get a copy of Uninvited, the story of a genetic mutant that looks like a normal cat but has an evil skinless cat lurking inside it (like most cats) that's killing teens on a small yacht, you won't regret it. Much.


Blogger Scarecrobot said...

It took me an hour and a half (AT LEAST) to read ALL of the Friday the 13th/Jason articles... (0_o)

...And, yes, what a wonderful night for horror movies. My friends and I are also going to up all night watching them.

I'm going to be sure to hit up Amoeba before I head over to her house.

Happy Friday the 13th, Jared!

11:08 AM  

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