Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh God The Ratten!

Mental breakdowns aside, there's a lot going on and I've been a terrible....whatever it is I am these days in regards to the blog. So, enjoy a little catch-up and fun news. So much is going on these days. I'll talk more about the MTV Puppet Project later (knock on wood) but for now, it's time to talk about guest art and a role-playing game featuring rats in a shopping mall. I got contacted a LONG time ago by the kind people at Project Kopfkino. If you don't know who they are...don't feel bad. They're German. They make awesome and surreal role-playing games. The Bad news? They only do it in German (for now). The game that we're talking about today is Ratten. It's weird combination of Vampire the Masquerade, The Secret of Nimh, and Fievel goes Totally Batshit Insane.
Trust me. If this thing ever gets translated into English, you're going to like it a lot. If you do speak German, the things are for sale online and most gaming shops seem to enjoy putting psychotic rat-based games on their shelves. The Kopfkino folks asked if I'd be kind enough to do some art for their site/blog about Ratten. If you check their entry for today, you'll see five paintings right there. CHECK IT OUT (I'll put them on the site after Halloween). And just to explain, there are various "Tribes" of Rats in the game...all of which takes place in an abandoned shopping mall. Each tribe is different...ranging from rich obese rats who run the food court like merchants, Aquatic rats living in the flooded basement, all the way to PSYCHOTIC BOOK BURNING zealot rats who learned how to read (and burn books). By the illustrations, I think you can tell which one I zoned in on. Enjoy and if you speak/read German, give the game a chance.

In other news:
What do you think? Do you think the reporters have the American Banking Crisis on the brain or what?
Yeah, typos make me giggle. I'm twelve.
Talibank: For all your Terrorist Investment Needs.

In other, OTHER news:
I haven't ever talked about it much, but for a few years now I've been a member of an Webcomic Collective called Eyeskream. I think I didn't pimp it very much because I'm weird anti-Webcomic scene, if that makes sense. That's not completely true but I don't play a lot of the games most webfolks play. That's my own issue, because that's most likely why I don't cash in on the 100,000+ folks who come through here on a regular basis. Anyway, I've left the collective, mostly because I've gotten too busy to be a good member and, well, yeah. They're great people and I've made some wonderful friends amongst them. Check them out if webcomics are your thing. Best of luck guys, I'll be in touch.

And, there you go. 3 entries in one just to let you know the Blog is back.

PS: I'll post about it in a couple days, but I'll be doing my Halloween Costume thing again all through October. Don't know what I'm talking about? Check it out by clicking HERE.
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Blogger Lady Attercop said...

Good Zod almighty!

That is quite possibly the coolest rat-based role-playing game I've ever seen. Never you mind that it's the *only* rat-based role-playing game I've ever seen.

Remember: guest art. I want it or those photos from the last Eyeskream members party get leaked.

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