Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Twitter: I am not Proud

Yep. I'm on Twitter. I'm not sure if it's a serious affliction or not, but I am giving it a try. That is all.

Edit: By the way, thanks for all the great monster and movie suggestions. Some of them have already been assimilated and are, in fact, amaaaaazing. You all rock.


Anonymous Croft said...

@Movie suggestions: There is a
german movie from 1996 named
"Kondom des Grauens" ("Killer Condom"
in USA) about a condom with teeth.
Could make for a good follow up
of "Teeth". It's based on a german
comic by Ralf Koenig (though the
comic is better than the film)

12:18 AM  
Blogger Quacthulhu said...

even if you've fallen into the dregs of Twits (that's official terminology BTW), at least that personalized twitter banner is bitchin'.

12:40 AM  
Blogger Hawk said...

You've got a blog why do you need twitter? Twitter's a blog for people lacking in imagination...

10:11 PM  
Blogger Jared said...

I'll be honest. The Twitter thing is a weird experiment on my part. I've no idea how I feel about it....basically I just started doing it a few days ago and thought there wouldn't be too much harm in sharing. Will I keep doing it? I don't know. But I have learned that a lot of people have really, really, REALLY boring twitter entries, myself included. But we'll see.
My Older woman keeps telling me I should share more stuff online...this is a step in that direction.

1:52 AM  
Anonymous Bunneh said...

As far as Twitter goes.. if you just want to blog and socialize, there are better options than Twitter, but it is a good way to connect with new people with similar interrests and a very good way to reach people that might be interrested in whatever sort of field you're in.
Is it good for directly getting sales? Not as such, but it is good for spreading word and directing traffic to your website and making connections and speedy information on your field of choice.

Just beware of ze evil phishes. :)

9:36 AM  
Blogger Jared said...

Oh man, I can't imagine using one of these socializing sites to try to drum up sales. That crap just seems...shady somehow. Basically I'm just trying it out to over-share.

So, what are these better options you speak of? Assume I'm techtarded.

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Bunneh said...

Well, for blogging, a blog is an awesome option. Twitter has that silly letter limit and if you don't already have a fanbase or a group of friends who are interrested in keeping close contact with you, it's pretty much like shouting in a void.

For oversharing, I always go for forums. Kinda surprised you don't have one attached to your site given that the people who frequent here are very specific kind and would definitely share interrests and sense of humour. Moderating a forum can be a bit of a chore, so in that respect I can totally understand if you don't want your own.
And then there's Friendfeed, which I gather is sort of like Facebook stripped down to the bare wall, or like Twitter with some actual interaction.

Also, as I've understood it, Photobucket has been adding these commenting options and stuff, but in your case, since your thing is art and making funnies, putting your stuff up on Flickr might be a better option. That is unless you already do that. I've put some "real" photography on there, some doodles and occasionally some crap photography just because it's personal and shows bits of my life that no one's really interrested in. I've gotten a few art contacts and some nice feedback through the place. There's some crazy talented awesome people on there.

And your Older Woman is right. :)

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Bunneh said...

Sorry, forgot to mention Stickam and podcasts if you're interrested in oversharing in some other media forms. Brain not worky right this time of the week. :)

10:51 AM  
Blogger Jared said...

Thanks for the share, Bunneh. Funnily enough, I did have a forum 4 years ago on the site, but it got hit by weird forum spider robots and other crap and, well, it became a HUGE hassle to keep up with. I love forum society though...this website started by me being overly social on the KingdomofLoathing forum, and then bled to Newgrounds, Dungeons & Dragons, and other random forums I try to keep up with. But one of my own? No thanks.

I'll look into Friendfeed & the Social Image sites...I use photobucket for all my image hosting that's not on my site, so it shouldn't be too hard. DeviantArt is one of those websites I was into years ago for about 4 seconds when I realized it just wasn't right for what I wanted to do.
Thanks again for the info.

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Bunneh said...

Anytime. ^_^

It just occured to me that the sort of sites you could branch out to really depends on what kind of interaction you want with people and what do you hope to get out of putting more of yourself online. Different places for brain splurges, getting work and connecting with perfect strangers.

Ok, I'll shut up now.

11:30 AM  

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