Friday, February 05, 2010

Garbage Art Auction: Fast Response Time

Seriously guys, you rock. I was NOT expecting anyone to be too interested in the chance to spend money on something they don't get to see and that I was going to throw lacks a certain amount of sense to me. So now, not even a day later we've gotten almost 20 bids and we reached the suggested price..something that I just threw out there, thinking it'd take a month to get up that high. I'm....flattered and shocked and thrilled and yeah. You guys rock. Still and again.
In that spirit, here are two pieces included in the Garbage Art Auction Bundle that have never appeared on the site before. Both are early sketches of a commission I did for a card game someone is putting together and they wanted a Werewolf. I can't show you the final product as the game hasn't been released yet (knock on wood) but I can share with you 2 of the early sketch pieces I did to get an idea of what I wanted out of a Werewolf. Enjoy and again, thanks for the support:

So yeah. Not all the stuff in the pile that's unseen is as finished as that, but hey, figured I'd throw you guys something for being interested. Oh and other fun fact: In the bundle is a painted cereal box of Count Chocula. Don't ask. It's in the bundle.

PS: I'm shocked at the number of people who didn't realize all my OTHER stuff is for sale too. Not that I'm pimping that but posting this auction-type madness somehow brought that fact to the forefront of people's minds. Your support lets me get away with doing this guys and girls and, while I think you're crazy, I can't but thank you. I've had to dig through the whole collection 4 times in the last 24 hours to pull out some of the most obscure crap you guys want to put on your walls. You might be freaks, but at least you're my freaks.


Blogger Ty said...

Your art its perfect!!send me an email!!!

2:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This seems to be the only place I can leave a comment about buying a picture. I paid for one from you back in November, and have heard nothing since. What do I do??

1:48 PM  

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