Friday, November 04, 2005

Theme Months and "Abe is Special"

Well, the Halloween Special is REALLY over. I'd have to say I kind of enjoyed having a "theme" month...I feel the Art ended up being a bit better than usual (though obviously less surreal). While I can't imagine myself designating each and every month its own theme, I do plan on doing it again sometime down the road. As such, I'm goofing around with ideas for themes. Here's a random bunch just off the top of my head:
-Since a BUNCH of people seem to dig the comics section, I'm tempted to update the site with a new comic for each day of the month. Going a step further, I was thinking of making the comics "topical." Take this for example. It's too topical for me and too obscure and news-referential for me to do anything else with it. It's funny...but only in a very narrow universe.
Image hosted by
Um. Yeah. I'm not completely sold on the "topical" aspect because I hate the news, but it might be nice for a change to just throw a horde of comics at you for a month... I'm still unsure.
-"The Color Blue." When I criticize my own work, I often accuse myself of pulling a "paint by numbers" thing more often than I should. Just to be weird I'd try painting only in black, white, and some random color.
-A month of Wacom Tablet art. Sure, it'll be REALLY different...and might even suck. Who knows? It'll force me to learn.
-The idea of a "Geek Rock" month (or even a series of them) might be fun. By "Geek Rock" I mean stuff including roleplaying, gaming, and other such dork fun. People have already suggested I try painting every Megaman Boss (there are 96 if you only count the original series), a bunch of Final Fantasy monsters, and even a World of Warcraft set (I know nothing of WoW, but that doesn't stop people from making demands). The idea of painting stuff I wouldn't usually do is keen....but I don't know if indulging my own (and your) secret geek love for a full month will leave me feeling anything but empty.
-Instead of random art, I give you a story. While I'm still goofing around with doing anything narrative, I've got plans on painting one up.
Those are just ideas that spring to mind, but "theme months" are something that I've been thinking about ever since I realized how much I enjoyed this one. Thank you for tolerating my "OMG should I paint this?" rambling. I'm slowly but surely becoming what I hate. I try to avoid talking about what I "plan on" doing, since often times I get distracted and forget. Take my Tarot Deck plans for instance. Hell, that could be another theme. I've got such a weird work ethic. Let's move on.
Your prize for reading through this hodgepodge of chaos is this:
(I told you I couldn't restrain myself from posting it early.)
PS: If any of the three people reading this want to make suggestions for theme months, now's not a bad time to chime in.


Blogger Collin said...

I like the idea of a comic-a-day, but I don't think you should limit yourself to topical humor.

I would also be interested in seeing a month of Wacom art. Being forced to learn can be a good thing.

"Geek Rock" sounds good too.

Obvious "themes" for this and next month would be Thanksgiving and Christmas. Personally I would be amused at your take on a combination of all three holidays: Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas. Mash them all together since they already have Christmas displays in stores here and I was hearing Christmas music before Halloween.

10:37 AM  
Blogger Derek Knight said...

Hell, boy! Just keep a' paintin' and we'll keep a' comin' around.

of course, by "we" I just mean me. I refuse to speak for others out of turn.

4:10 PM  
Blogger ghastly 1 said...

How about a series based on myths or folklore. Or how about taking favorite book and redo the illustrations for it. When in doubt there is always the Weekly World News.

9:25 PM  

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