Friday, February 17, 2006

Day 3: The Burn and The Despair

Well, today was the first day of the Art Crash that I wasn't bombarded with distractions or technical problems. The good news is that I've been REALLY productive. I've painted about 32 requests in the past 12 hours....and I'm still about ten behind. But like I said before, it's obvious I'm going to catch up. The hard part is not skimping on the quality....though I did accept one person's challenge that I paint something in "under five minutes." It's not great, but it's not bad for what it is. Sadly, no one else suggest I do something so retardedly helpful to my painting schedule. Of course, that's a good thing. Right?

Today's teaser until I have time to scan in them all: The Harley Quinn painting. Now, I got a number of request that I paint Harley. For those of you who aren't geeks or fans of the old Batman cartoon, Harley was the Joker's sidekick/lover/slave. Maybe that last title isn't fair, but the Joker/Harley relationship is possibly one of the most celebrated abusive relationships in geek culture. Sure, she was cute and had a nice rack...but she was in a relationship with someone who physically abused her and didn't love her. Yeah, it's just a cartoon....but while I was searching for images of her so I got the costume right, I noticed she's got a lot of fans (boys and girls alike) that are, well, fanatical. Bah. I guess my point is that if you look for a description of her online the phrases "though her personality was subjugated by the joker" and "unable to break free from his control, Harley would become the Joker's criminal accomplice and lover" just seem to show up a little too frequently. It's really twisted and/or sexist if you think about it too much. Anyway, enjoy the hopeless despair that happens to people brainwashed by 60 year Old Batman villians. I'm kind of proud of how it turned out:
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On that note I've got to get back to work, since I'm STILL behind. Stupid time and it's general moving forward.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey looks like no one seems to be paying attention, or maybe they're just really lazy and don't leave comments. I know i've been checking in at least twice a day to see wat's up on the webcam page, but i'm still waiting for all of the paintings from the last two days to appear. i think you said sunday there'd be someone there scanning while you paint frantically like a chicken with it's head cutoff(a painting perhaps). And do you even read these comments. considering you get very few but all the same. I know right now your probably pretty busy. but when you do have a spare second in between the webcam of doom and silly people distracting you...(that would make a good painting) take some time to mention something in your blog tomorrow to let me (us) know that we're appreciated. Cause we really appreciate you and wat your doing. I think your insane. and i think my friend wants to attempt something like this in the near future...(probably in the summer) but anyway, i hope you got my emails and the suggestions were somewhat helpful. other than that, i guess i'll play the waiting game and when those new paintings are scanned in it'll be like christmas morning. ttyl Kaley*

5:58 AM  
Blogger Jared said...

It just occurred to me that because I just emailed Kaley a response, it would look like I totally ignored her questions/thoughts if anyone else had similar thoughts in their brains:

You guys are totally appreciated. I never quite understood how many people dug the site until the call for requests came in. It's really flattering and, well, yeah. There's a weird issue between feedback/art that I'll talk more about tomorrow, but you guys are nothing short of awesome.
The other thing is that I read every comment because they're emailed to me directly. So you are being heard.

Oh and Kaley...your friend should definitely do something like this. Even if I fail, I've learned a lot about my work ethic. Hell, I've arleady painted the equivalent to 4 months worth of paintings. That's got to be worth something.

Scans (albeit probably not all of them)should go up tomorrow, for those of you playing the waiting game.
Of course, I'm playing the "holy crap I'm almost a day behind" game...but that should be solved sometime soon. (Hopefully without me just painting stick figures.)

4:28 PM  

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