Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ejaculda is attacking the city.

German products are weird sometimes. And sometimes they're really disturbing. Look what I found at the corner store today. Not a specialty shop or anything, but the German equivalent of a 7-Eleven.
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The bottle isn't empty...it's just filled with a milky white fluid. Apparently it's an energy drink/liquor with an implied secret ingredient. The best part is when I went to the counter and asked for it (as it's got booze in it, it's kept off the child-accessible shelves). I was already laughing after I saw it in the window and couldn't keep a straight face as I struggled to pronounce "Ejaculada, bitte." The clerk, a large Turkish man with a strong sense of heterosexuality being approached by a weird guy wearing too much jewelry and a woman's haircut (I regret nothing and concede to unpopular opinion) that apparently was pointing and talking about sperm, promptly told me to get the "F@$% away" from his shop and threatened to bash my apparently perverse face in. After getting yelled at and using my terrible German combined with ape-like sign language, I quickly watched as the clerk was mortified to find out that he did indeed have an "ejaculada" display in his window. For one euro I walked away with the most disturbing energy drink of all time and a sense that I should never return to that particular corner store.
God I love Germany sometimes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So when are you two coming back to visit? Sorry I haven't gotten the pictures to you of the wedding yet... I haven't gotten them to anyone yet. It was a small train wreck and a big success. And for Halloween, we are going to do the cutesy couple thing (I know.. gag), I am going to be a sugared (read glitter) plump (not a typo) faerie, and he is going to be a satyr. As soon as I can figure out how to make 3 towels into the bottom half of a goat costume.... it will work out, if worse comes to worst, he will be an industrial satyr with a lot of safety pin like piercings all over his legs.... Hugs at you!


7:40 PM  
Blogger Scarecrobot said...

Hm... I wonder if they import that...

Did it it atleast taste...uh...ok?

8:21 AM  

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