Sunday, October 15, 2006

Kim Jong-il & Pulgasari

Forgive me for repeating today's update in, oddly enough, today's blog. Daily updates are still weird to me. Anyway...Illustration Friday's theme this week is "Smitten" and the whole Kim-Jong-il & his giant nuclear (I mean capitalism) monster movie Pulgasari just seemed sickly appropriate. Kim's long-lasting love for giant monster movies of mass surreal. Today's update, for the benefit of IF:
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"I do so love it when current events make me change my plans. "Pulgasari" is a film produced by North Korean's Kim Jong-il in 1985 using a director that North Korean intelligence kidnapped several years earlier from South Korea. Pulgasari is a metaphor about capitalism (which is a giant monster that at first seems great but eventually will destroy you), but when you put the modern nuclear spin on works. Really well, in fact. Hunt down a copy while you still can without being put on the government blacklist."


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