Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Illustration Friday: Sell Your Soul

This week's theme (which ends in like 16 hours or so) was Momentum. I put some thought into this and for some reason this came about:
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That's a little small so you can see it in the blog, but you can find the "real" version here:
Hi, I'm a real painting.

Me and my friends talk about selling our souls way, way, WAY too much than any healthy person should. I almost don't want to go into it too much but really think about it. We can't dedicate our lives to anything larger than ourselves without regret because of what we know. Our cynicism might just be our being left open too long. Poetry aside, we know that everything is at least a little corrupt. Political parties, religions, animal rights organizations....and me and my friends all sort of agree it would be liberating for an evil organization to just come out and say "Join us, we're evil!" I'm not articulating that very well but at least one of you have to be on the right wavelength to translate that.

By the way, October is coming up and I'm planning on doing my annual craziness. Sorry there's been no articles this past month but I've been buried in Opera job with the Berlin International Opera has be painting lots of stuff...including 7 paintings of the Count character. This wouldn't be so bad but I'm also having to couch someone on how to DESTROY THEM ON STAGE. Yes, in the opera the paintings get destroyed during each performance. I'm trying to teach them how to destroy it so we can still sell them later or so they at least still look cool on a wall.
Man, that's going to look weird on my resume.


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