Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween 2008: Boobs, The Executive Elderly, Catalonia Horror, and a Mushroom

News on 3 fronts today. Let's start with Boobs.
The world is a very scary place when I go to check the latest news in the U.S. and instead I stumble across.....this:
Talk about pandering. Is anyone else troubled by strippers (I mean models, MODELS) dressing up like things that we're around when they were alive and that only appeal to the weird geek nostalgia sections of our brain? What's next, Rainbow Brite the hooker? Kim Possible with tassels? I'm just thinking ahead...will in the year 2016 we get to see Spongebob Squarepants costumes on stage shaking her goodies in your face?
That's nothing new of course but I still find it hilarious to find a gallery of these next to news about natural disasters and who's going to win the election. And the whole Princess Leia thing creeps me out. I mean, I was 3 or so when this movie came out. Hell, I know a lot of people younger than me that have a thing for Princess Leia. I mean, I get it. She's a sex slave. But to be honest there are a lot of sexier movies involving sex slaves and THOSE don't have a 2 ton giant slime-covered worm in them. Well, they do, if you count euphemisms.
Did I say models? I meant Strippers. Totally strippers.

2: I just found out that John McCain is 72 years old this year. I don't usually talk politics on the site (I hate politics and fall under the banner of "it doesn't really matter I can't make a difference so why care") but...I have to say it. Holy crap McCain is 72 years old. Is anyone else creeped out by the prospect of a president who was alive during the Great Depression? I actually was a fan of McCain a few years ago...his policy about putting an end to campaign contributions sounded awesome (and when I talk about campaign contributions to the Germans here they look at me and ask me how that can be legal) and I'm sad he hasn't picked up that flag again this time around. My problem? He's well over the age a lot of industries force retirement. I'm weird about having a president 3 times my age. No offense to senior citizens out there but....yeah. I'm done. It's creepy to me and I had to say it. If he does get elected (vote how you want people) I will tell you this though: I'm going to have a lot of fun riffing on President Great-Grandpa. And if he's elected to a 2nd term? He's going to turn 80 years old while in office. O_O
....Maybe the chances of Palin becoming the President are more likely that some folks have been saying. I mean, he is over the age of average life expectancy. Spooky.

3. I'm in Catalonia this week! I got a surprise/random vacation in a resort near Malaga (which is fun to say maaaaalaaaaaaaagaaaaa though saying it like that helps convince others that I'm retarded) and I'm looking forward to it. I leave in an hour for my plane and I'm already scrambling to recall whatever High School/Taco Bell Spanish I can remember. Will there be Taco Bells in Spain? If so the blasphemy will be too wonderful to resist.
Hope you guys enjoyed the content from the FUTURE and that it keeps you distracted since the site won't update again until the last week of October (with costume paintings amongst other things). The Blog, on the other hand, will have new stuff a couple of times. And if you missed it:

Click here for Rumpelstiltskin

Click here for Giant Mutant Momma Bear!

Until next time play safe and again: Sorry for bringing up politics. I'm just a new fangled young person who is just freaked out by being represented by those legitimately considered elderly.

PS: If you know what this is and why I'm excited about it, you're just as big a geek as me:


Blogger Lady Attercop said...

I can help you out. The only sentence in Spanish you'll ever need is, "Yo tengo sexo de culo fuerte!" You must say it confidently and with as much rolling of the Rs as you can manage.

And if you remember enough to know what that means, you now know why none of my friends would eye me with suspicion every time I asked how to say something in Spanish.

Have fun!

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh holy crap, Deathcap miniature!

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

About the costumes you mentioned, I totally agree. I really do not understand why most women's costumes are so incredibly stripperiffic. I mean, what if a woman wants to be something grotesque/awesoem like a zombie or a Nosferatuish vampire? Of course I do think that those would eventually get contaminated by the boobies, which would probably not be bad for me, but it would suck for those (awesome) tomboys who want an actual scary costume. And I do agree with your German countrymen on Campaing contributions, although their draconian censorship laws still scare me and make me wonder why more lovers of horror and video games arent more angry and protest-y.

And by the way, I feel like kind of a douschebag for reminding you about this, but since you don't really tend to check my e-mails otherwise (which I also have a problem with too), I'd like to mention that there are two e-mails I sent you that you still haven't read or responded to, as well as a post in that last blog entry. Sorry, but I'm just giving you a heads up.

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Jared, I'm sure you must have seen this, but just in case

9:34 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Its a mushroom from Tim Burton's upcoming Alice in Wonderland movie!


7:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You totally forgot the exploding camper in the sleeping bag scene in Prophecy.

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh no I didn't....OK I did but....I meant to include an animation of it but ran out of time when I left for vacation. Trust me, it'll be put there sometime this week to make up for it.

6:17 PM  

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