Sunday, October 05, 2008

Halloween 2008: I like it with the Costume on.

So yeah. Happy Halloween...Month. This year has been a little weird since my local horror fans moved away last year, so all my current amigos are looking at me like I'm particularly insane for decorating the house and carving a cactus to celebrate (yes, this year makes the return of "what will Jared turn into a pumpkin" festival) so early. Even worse, I'm in Germany, a country that doesn't quite "get" Halloween and has banned films like Friday the 13th, Phantasm, and other horror classics for the sake of public decency. But all that aside, life is good. And filled with Orange and Black. Everywhere.

Oh and just to hammer it home on the blog:
The Costume paintings will start showing up this next week. A few of you have already sent in pictures, but the earlier you send it in the more likely I'll have time to paint it. If you're new, jsut know that if you send me a picture of your halloween costume (or your pet's, you sick sick person who dresses up your dog) I'll do a painting of it. No promises of you liking it, but I'll do my best to not offend you like I did the Poison Ivy/Elvis couple from years back. And just so you know, this year some of the costumes are awesome.
Life is Good.

(Thanks to Yanna and her Vampire Freak friends for being awesome.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'm making a Ness (from Earthbound and the Smash Bros games) costume, so I'll send you the pics when its finished (The shirt he wears is harder to find than you'd think, so I have to make it by dying a white shirt with blue and yellow stripes). Some things I wanted to mention to/ask you though:

Howcome people don't protest more over the draconian censorship laws for media "harmful to the youth" in Germany? If I was a gamer or horror aficionado, I'd be furious enough to protest.

If you're running out of movie monsters to draw, why not do video game monsters? You could do some well-known (Pyramid Head, The Great Mighty Poo, Bowser, Ganon) and not so well known (Giygas, most of the monsters from that game Abadox, Chuck D. Head, look em up) creatures from videogames for some of your entries next year. And why not some fo the Monsters from Scythemantis' Mortasheen setting, since you mentioned you're a fan of his work.

And by the way, just so ya know to check, I sent ya another e-mail a while back ;)

7:48 AM  

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