Thursday, August 04, 2011

Oh my. Google+ and Other things.

I figured I'd pop back over here to point you to where I've been blogging as of late. I'm kind of a Luddite but, weirdly enough, I accidentally made a Blog over at Google+. In reality I was just goofing around but then I looked up and realized if you just go to my Profile page, it's pretty much exactly what this Blog use to be ages ago. Which, considering this was also owned by Google, it kinda makes sense.

So yeah. Check it out. Apparently I'm much better at blathering about nothing there than I am here. Go figure.

CLICK THE LINK and continue Stalking:

(And Yes, I'm still kinda a Twitter Whore. I can't badmouth Twitter too much though...when I sent the call-out for help when the crisis hit last year it was insane how fast people came to my Aid. Twitter paid for my food last December and, well, that's pretty cool. Oh, and we're much better now. But you know that already. I hope.)

-Jared, Just checking in.

Monday, May 24, 2010

An Update....Jared is Crazy & Terrible at Social Networking

Hey freak jobs. I'm getting myself organized (which oddly involves therapy & medication, at least to some weird degree that I'm uncomfortable with) but I figured I'd give a show out over here on the Blog. If you've been checking it for updates and keep thinking I'm dead because the blog is....well, filled with the sound of crickets, my apologies.
If you want random chatter from me and my life, I've SOMEHOW kept up with Twitter. I'm not sure why but the Character Limit keeps me from going on & on and I talk about positively messed up things without going into too much detail. Check it out as I'm posting several times a day now...and I swear not to spam you with stories of what I had for dinner.
Click HERE for my Twits.
The site is still updating (almost) daily with new Art in the Strange Art section which never hurts and I'm gearing myself up for another Art Crash, Crazy "Please Buy a Random Bucket of Art" auction, and kind of giving the website a kick in the pants design-wise. I'm working on my 7th year of doing this (thank you, Not-Being-Able-To-Find-a-Real-Job-in-Berlin) and I noticed that at some point I stopped overhauling the website once a year. As such, dear LORD is it disorganized. Gotta Fix that.

Hell, I only recently noticed that the "About Me" page has literally never been updated since I started the site. You'd think I'd want to put Wizards of the Coast on my Resume, right? :adds to list:

So what else has been going on?
Well, I had my identity stolen a short while ago and had my bank account frozen due to it. This wouldn't be an issue if I didn't live in Germany...apparently the Bank wants to think I'm the pretender since the real guy is in the same state as my US Bank account. Madness I say!
As such I'm kind of scrambling & checking the couch for change in an attempt to have enough money to visit the states for GenCon and a bunch of other fun but also work related stuff. And while I will most likely be doing some weird fundraiser in the near future I'll still say it: If you want to buy something or need some goofy art, drop me a line. I'm terrible at pimping myself but you folks have been awesome when things imploded. I'm still not over a few fans replacing my computer when it melted back in '06. You guys rock and continue to do so.

Financial Dramas aside (I HATE talking about money), did you know that I have D&D T-shirts out there? Like, officially licensed merchandise?
Click HERE for Rust Monster T-Shirts
So very cool...and it's amusing that both the designs they bought to print were done back for myself on a whim. Life is surreal.

And while I mentioned it before, I did a ton of Art for Team Covenant & the first ever Monsterpocalypse-only Convention. I don't know how long the design will be up, but apparently one of my paintings took over their website. Click Here to See. They also did a lot of Live Streaming Video during the convention, which was fun to watch. I particularly enjoyed hearing folks applause & cheer as they got some of my paintings as prizes. Good Times.

Beyond that?
I discovered there's a Taxidermy Supply Store only 2 blocks from my house and they have a huge (and cheap) supply of dead insects and other creepy things. Currently I'm working on doing some Fairies using dead butterfly wings, but eventually I plan on suits of armor made out of Beetles and if you're a D&D nerd you'll like the Dracolich I plan on making out of Frog & Snake Bones. My art supplies just got so much more surreal.
(I'm also kind of excite about using exotic insects as Jewelry when I got out on the town in Berlin. Yes, I will be that guy with a Jade Assassin Bug pinned to his top hat.)

Of course, you'd already know all this if you were willing to repress the shame of using Twitter. I have and, while I still cry myself to sleep in the dark hours of the night when I think about it, I've grown to enjoy using it. So if you want to get to know me better, I say check it out. Though, if you've been paying attention to Head Injury Theater, you should know me pretty well already.

That and apparently my ADD only lets me be active on 1 social networking site at a time. For Forums, I can juggle two at once. Tops.
...Who would say more about his personal crap but really, Blog posts seem so permanent and I honestly don't want you folks to know just how nutty I am. Here's a Hint though: When the site stops updating or I only paint skulls and people spitting their own teeth across the room...I've gone to the Dark Place. Sorry about that guys, I'll work on that.

PS: If you've been waiting for articles, there was a good sign this week: I wrote 6,000 words for a Dungeons & Dragons project. Hopefully they like it but really, it tells me that apparently some folks still find my words funny. Ego Boost = Yes, I'll probably write more. Just saying.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Garbage Art Auction Finale

You guys are awesome. Final Congrats go to David for bidding more money than I was expecting and having to shiv a couple other bidders to walk away with the prize. Here's a picture of the pile slightly to tease but mostly to drive David crazy until he opens his mail in a week or so.
That's over 200 paintings (I think it's most likely around 217...I kept adding in other stuff as the bidding kept going up but I haven't re-counted since the original pile was created). Thank you, everyone. You, as previously stated, rock.

Oh and while I won't be previewing everything that was in the bundle, remember those two doodles I shared that were "work in progress" things? DungeonCrawler, the secret project I was working on went live...and that's what the werewolf image is from. Check it out:
I did a lot of art for this thing last year (and a little this year) and most of it I'm pretty proud of. Expect more of me pimping it in the future.

For those just curious to compare Werewolves, here's the image on my NewGrounds page. I wasn't thinking I was going to be too regular a contributor over there, but then I made the front page a couple of times and, well, my ego is easily stroked. :sigh:

Finally, for those still interested in getting more cheap old art from me, my goofy next "I need to get rid of paintings or throw them away" move will be all about the old Canvas paintings I have. It's a weird balance between selling them for almost nothing or repainting them. In the end I think I'll probably do a little bit of both. Other ideas include selling off theme bundles. Lord knows I've painted enough zombies, robots, angels, and fishmen to populate an entire fantasy setting's continent. But I digress. Expect a relaunch of my "I'm a Capitalist Whore" section where I casually peddle my wares. As opposed to my wears....I had no shame in peddling those Goblin Stompers. None at all.
"who sucks at business, but is happy to find homes for all his homeless paintings"

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Legend of Zelda, Art Project

I'm weird and when I see triangle-shaped canvases, I get goofy ideas. Enjoy 4 paintings that are Link-related, with a fun gimmick. (Shared on the Blog because I'm already getting ready to dive back into the Daily Update schedule but not just yet.) Sooooo.....

+ Zelda
+those jumpy spider things and eyebats that are in like every Zelda game....
And they all up to, the Triforce. (Forgive my crappy camera and its inability to take good pictures. Better picture soon to come but for now this'll do since I have to run out the door.)

And yes, with some creative nails in the wall you can hang them up like that. Don't know why, but I'm a sucker for canvases that match up in weird ways. I'm also a dork, spending too much time on this sort of thing on a lazy Sunday.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy V-Day...

My support for Valentine's Day is...a little weird. I'm celebrating it on Saturday with my wife and seeing the girlfriend on Sunday. So very surreal. Kind of a joke, but not. Instead of me chatting about it and getting embarrassingly awkward with the drama and other madness, enjoy some D&D-themed Valentine's Day Art.

Ah, the joys of callbacks. Yes, it is a remake of one of the 1st comics ever to go on the site back in 2003:

Ah, good times. Next we'll be talking about how back in 2003 there weren't many folks preachy the power of Zombie Jesus and now it's commonplace. Or the sheer volume of bootleg Emo Emu pieces that live out in the digital world. Good times indeed.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Monsterpocalypse Fun

I'll post this over on the website next week but if you're a fanatic who reads the blog, (I lied, just updated the site, sorry fanatics) enjoy some fun art I did for the cool guys over at Team Covenant early. There will be more between me and them coming up in the future so, if you don't mind some collectible Kaiju madness, keep your eyes open.

Check it out:

"sharing random stuff"

Monday, February 08, 2010

Clive Barker still lurks beneath the surface...

Did you know they made a remake of Hellraiser only for kids?
Oh come on. I can't be the only one who thought that when they saw the poster. Saw this advertised at the theatre around the corner and literally stood there laughing my ass off.