Saturday, July 09, 2005

Live Journal = Drama

You know, I try to avoid all internet dramas and Live Journals in particular. It's nothing against normal bloggers/live journal/etc people, it's just that I just have trouble reading people's diaries....diaries that are designed to be read by other people. :shrug: It's not for me.
That said I set up this bad boy as sort of a sounding board....for irregular whatever. What can I say?
Back on topic:
Before I start, I'm sure any Live Journal-User probably knows about this already, so skip to the picture at the bottom and be done with this entry.
A Lot of people out there had been keeping up with the Live Journal drama found here: .
A sad, sad story revolving around a cat being burned. Lots of people donated money, auctioned off things, sent in their paychecks...A great humanitarian response.
Then some investigative reporting done here: followed by a confession here:
and we find out it's a hoax. Jesus Christ is that shady. They say it's a social experiment. Wow.

So basically a cat gets burned horribly, a bunch of people help out, and later find out it was nothing but lies. I can't imagine what kind of response the next person who tries to raise money for their cat's burn treatments.

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Live Journal teaches us all sorts of important life lessons. Like never trust anyone. Ever.


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