Thursday, August 04, 2005

Music Moment: PuppetMastaz

Just thought I'd share something quick with you guys today to try to make up for the scary ass "Dread Gewogen" pics that lurk below. While I usually share movies that melt your head here on the site, there are a few bands out there that qualify as really, really bizarre....and worth sharing. I'm not talking about bands that are just named funny things like "9 Inches of Throbbing Pink Jesus", "Aggressive Genital Display", or just "Eatus Fetus." It can't just be the name. A few groups do great shows that are, with out question, unique. Both GWAR and the Aquabats come to mind.
But have you guys ever heard of a band made up of nothing but puppets? I have.
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They're called the "PuppetMastaz" and they're a German rap/techno/SOMETHING group that only performs in their music videos and on STAGE as puppets. Scary filthy Muppets is a good description. I actually like the music and suggest hunting it down if you can. They're pseudo-known here in Europe but, as far as I know, still kind of unknown by folks in the states. So if you like weird music AND you like puppets that smoke and do drugs, then the Puppetmastaz may be the one for you. You just can't imagine a group that sets up the stage for a giant puppet-show, what with the puppeteers lurking below the stage while they have their puppets around. God knows they're...special.

Edit: I removed mention of the link to the official PuppetMastaz site because it's under construction. Their old site was could listen to their entire first album online. Sadly it would seem that was abused and had to be taken away. :sigh: If you're still curious and want to see their tour dates and OFFICIAL proof that a Rapping Puppet group exists....then feel free to check out their official site here: Oh and just in case you're scared of other cultures don't worry: The Puppetmastaz only speak and sing in English. So there.
Oh and to make up for it, here's a picture of one of the band's "members":
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Just to give you some scope of how weird the Puppetmastaz are: In the band there's a frog/lizard/THING called the "Hip-Hopnotist" (get it? Hypnotist+Hip-Hop...Ick.) Can you imagine a guy dressed as a balding therapist trying to hypnotize the audience to sing the chorus? I think Trace from MST3k put it best: Puppets can get away with all sorts of crap that human beings can't. The Hip-hopnotist seems almost cool in puppet form. Almost.


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