Thursday, October 27, 2005

Last Minute Halloween Costume...

Despite my love for Halloween, I never figure out my costume until the last minute. Last night I ran to the Halloween/Party store to see what inspiration chose to attack me with. I ended up buying the following: A masquerade half-face mask (think plain white, phantom of the opera type), two spindles of red crepe ribbon, and one of those see-through hoods that make your face too dark to be seen by other people.
With a bit of tape, paint, and cutting a big hole in the hood (thus ruining it for other use), I created this:
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The best thing is that the "tentacles" move when I breathe. Don't ask me what it is....I only made it so I could wear a big black cloak and scare small children on the Subway.
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Better pictures will be up soon, but I thought I'd share the preliminary pics.


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