Monday, October 31, 2005

A Monster by Any Other Name?

I didn't have the heart to include this in the Halloween List of Monsters, but that didn't stop me from painting it and posting it here:
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I swear, the point of this isn't to offend for the sake of offense.
Think about it for a second. If you set aside Christian Mythology (in academic circles)/Faith (in less than academic circles), Jesus is the son of a God (remember, the Old Testement was polytheistic) that gets wrongfully tortured, killed, and rises from the grave not unlike a zombie. If it was a horror movie, Jesus would have been stabbing Roman teens with the nails that were still in his hands. Well, maybe not, but the whole idea of "Christian Guilt" ties into this as well. Hell, I think a LOT of people have had dreams where Jesus walks in on them having sex and he rants about how they're going to hell. I mean, I've had that dream and I'm told it's not that uncommon...but I digress before I piss off more people.
In short: I figure any living dead guy that's got half his genes from an otherworldly source that helps enforce a strict code of moral conduct isn't that far off from being a monster. Of course, this is all about taking Jesus out of his traditional context and spending too much time watching horror movies. Remember: The teens who sin (sex, drugs, and, well, coveting your neighbors mule) are the first to die in any horror film. They're like macabre morally-extremist religious tracts in cinematic form. Or something like that.
Enjoy your Halloween everybody.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

H-o-l-y shit!

I am amused.


Even if my carefully planned and executed vampire costume has become nothing but boobs....LOL

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