Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Abe Lincoln is VERY special.

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I told you I'd do it. After my original Art Crash that produced "Jerome is Special" ended, a friend Xeroxed a picture of Abraham Lincoln and challenged me to try to do the same thing with it. If you've been reading the Blog, you'd know this. What you might not know is this:
It's done. It's been done. It's only 20-so paintings deep but it is indeed a story featuring Abe Lincoln. Behold:
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Good news: It is a mini-sequel to "Jerome is Special." It's still about ABraham Lincoln, but Jerome's crab figures in heavily. You'll see. For whatever reason I've had crabs on the brain lately.
Bad news: I'm just teasing you by showing you this right now, as I have to rearrange some stuff on the site before I can share the whole thing. It (and more) will be included in next update. This is me trying to pretend I'm responsible enough to create a buffer of content for the site. In reality, I'll probably break down and share it at the first possible opportunity...damn it. I hate knowing myself this well.
In other artsy news the next Art Crash should be happening soon. The non-linear experimental narrative (whatever that is, right?) is pretty much ready to be churned out...I'm just waiting for a couple of days that I don't have to go to sleep to come by.
"who is refraining from even mentioning the "Welton Colbert is Special" painting series because you'll have to wait until December to see them"


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Brain crabs. Very dangerous.

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