Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Nostalgia or Masochism?

If you've been an internet junkie for longer than 6 years, then you probably have seen some obnoxious stuff come and go. "All Your Base Are Belong to Us" jokes are way past their prime, but people still joke about it. You know what I hadn't heard from in a while? I'm sure you know it. What's the most obnoxious thing that everyone thought was really funny? Of course by "everyone" I mean people who are far too easily amused but...gah. In case you haven't figured out what I'm trying to allude to, the web-entity in question is the one and only: Hamster Dance. Sweet Jesus that thing was obnoxious. On a weird whim, (don't ask me why) I thought I'd check out the old Hamster Dance website. I was half expecting it to be gone, or replaced by some advertising company or a pet store's website or...well....something. What I found there was not only completely unholy but, if you can believe it, even more obnoxious than the original Hamster Dance. Behold:
Image hosted by
Oh. My. God. They "modernized" the Hamster Dance. Oh hell I'm not sure what the hell they did. Hamster Dance is now the property of "Hampton and the Hampsters," a dance group whose music seems to completely revolve are remixing that damn Hamster Dance song. Did I mention that you can email the individual members? So if you want to start writing erotic hamster fan fiction, feel free to send it to Fuzzy or one of the other members. Hell, now I want to start stalking a fictional hamster celebrity just for the ability to creep people out by saying: "Yes, I've waited outside Dixie's cage and stared at her tiny hamster wheel for hours. I love watching her delicate paws sweat as her hind legs pump hard against the wheel." Sorry if this isn't making much sense anymore, my brain is shutting down as you read this. I blame the fact that the Hamster Dance music is looped on my PC right now. So instead of me trying to salvage this entry, let me just end it.
Oh and because all terrible sites need to be spread around like a venereal disease, here you go:
Side note: Remember next week's update to the site will be late as I'll be stranded in the Austrian wilderness without a computer. Oh and I totally forgot that I was supposed to put both Kong articles on the site this week. I will tell you it's done, and if you're clever with numbers and have figured out my organizational system....then you can find it easily. Did I mention numbers already?
Enjoy your Holiday guys and keep an eye out for my Xmas gift that I'll post when I get back.


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