Sunday, December 04, 2005

Site Statistic Poetry #2

When you run a website, your host often includes nifty toys with your site's hosting package. Two features of this have always made me laugh. The Search Word Report and the Search Query Report. The first one's just a list of words people have entered into a search engine to find your site and the other is a list of phrases people have Googled to find you stuff. In mine you find popular phrases like: Wolfman has Nards, Exploding Midget Clowns, Nuked Women, Ron Jeremy crabs, Robin having sex with Beast Boy, and other charming phrases. I looked at the Search Word Report today and noticed that the order read like a bad porn magazine. Here are the "popular" words people look for when they stumble on my site in the order of descending popularity:
Baragon Teens of Hentai versus Frankenstein and the Sex Stafire women!
Nuked Meatholes love Emo Porn!
Johny 5 a Wolfman?
Robin Nards in Pictures!
Head Injury Midget.
:blink blink:
God damn it, you people are weird.
Computer Doom Update: Thank you everyone who's helping me out in this time of turmoil. The new computer is on its way and, even better, it's mostly paid for....thanks to reader like you. To everyone who bought a painting, donated, or is buying or donating: You rock.


Blogger Ricardo Santos said...

now you`re on my links

5:38 PM  
Blogger Collin said...

How did I find you? Oh yeah. It was through a site that you'd submitted a pinhead cartoon to. That's right. Not that I'm trying to get out of being called weird or anything, because if the shoe fits...

7:27 AM  

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