Sunday, January 08, 2006

What Theme?

If you read the small print this week, I sort of said that this month's Strange Art theme would be my "accidental paintings." As neat an idea as that might be, I just finished a painting that brings me a lot of joy and I'm not waiting a month to show it. As such, I'm sharing it here (despite lacking a good picture of it)...right now.
Image hosted by
(I'm showing both pictures of it because both have something the other doesn't)
I really need to get more canvas work done.
Oh and I just sat through the first 7 Friday the 13th movies. There's a reason for that, but with the holiday coming up...I think it's pretty obvious what that reason is. While I won't spoil the article, I will share that besides sex and drugs being the fast track to getting murdered, there is something else just as bad. If you have to go to the bathroom to poop you're as good as dead. More on that later, but just in case you're trapped in a deserted summer camp before Wednesday remember: Survivors don't poop. Ever.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool painting.

Now make my coooomic. *cries*

3:18 PM  

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