Wednesday, July 26, 2006

That Guest Comic Voodoo that I do...

Infernal Chicken, anyone?

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If you know the website, then you should check it out this Thursday. I did a painting/guest comic-like thing for the man behind the satanic fowl and turns out he liked it enough to give it a slot in his guest-week. If you like it yourself, return to the site of Goats (, remember?) later in the week....Jon'll be putting up a poll for his readers to determine which of his nutty guest-artists get the mighty prize: A satanic chicken action figure.
Not that I'm trying to get you to vote for me. I'm just saying that there will be voting going on. Of some caliber. You know. For kicks. And a plastic demon chicken.
Edit: Holy Crap, someone else made a guest comic about giving oral sex to a cow. No really.


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