Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Day 1: Not even 8 hours in....

If you followed how things went with the last Art Crash, you'll remember that it took FOREVER to see the Art from it. The problem was that paint dries so slowly and by the time something was dry, I was already working on something else. In the end I'd sit in front of my scanner and painfully scan hundred of paintings until I didn't want to live any more. Monotony is my enemy to the extreme. Art Crash Noir, however, doesn't seem to be having that problem. Since Ink dries super-fast (and sort of means that this Art Crash will be easier in one regard), I can actually share more before the Crash is finally over. The more difficult part of this crash is that since I'm working with ink, stupid mistakes and failed experiments means I've just spent time working on something that no human being will ever be allowed to see. Still, I'm having fun with it and painting like a manic madman over here in my little studio (and by "studio" I mean living room).
Anyway, enjoy one of the many windows into what's being made during Art Crash Noir:
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Based off the request "Paint something Scary to put on my wall."


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