Tuesday, January 16, 2007

America Online is Watching You...

It's a terrible thing when you have to explain your comic, but I'll just go that extra step and share my little paranoid conspiracy theory with you. Well, it' s not a conspiracy theory, but the whole Illuminati Eye-in-the-Pyramid logo has always bugged the crap out of me since the early 1990's...and I've never ran into another person who's noticed it. I mean really, why would you choose something that's OBVIOUSLY symbolic for an infamous secret society? I'm sure there are creepy people living in basements fleeing the AOL black helicopters, but now that I'm in Germany I think I'll be alright. Up until 2004, this was America Online's Logo:
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And this is the symbol that meteorologists use to denote the eye of a hurricane:
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So we've got a pyramid...with an eye in it.
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Yeah. Subtle.
(Again, don't take this too seriously...it's like my Darwin was a Monkey post. It's meant to be slightly informative and a little funny. But still true. Sort of. Talk to your local conspiracy friend that's slightly crazy. They'll fill you in on the details.)
Edit: Next week's article might go up early, just because I never really believe in having a buffer for site content. It's going to be about one of the weirder comic book crossovers out there (and actually maybe more than one). I can tell you what I won't be reviewing, despite the fact that someone sent a copy my way:
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You'd think it'd be awesome, right? Turns out it takes place in the Future where the Terminator robots have bred a class of cyborgs with alien DNA so you never really get to see Predators fighting Terminators Fighting Aliens. Hell, you hardly get to see Predators fighting aliens. For the most part it's everyone fighting these stupid generic monsters that are Terminators with Alien genetic Nanites or something. So it's Aliens versus something gay versus Predators only sort of not because they've adopted Ripley from the Alien movies as one of their own and she does all the killing for them. Sort of. Bah. I hate when something that could have been awesome sucks me like a hurricane. (The expression "Sucks me like a hurricane" denotes negativity, just so we're clear. And not perverted.)


Blogger Adam Holwerda said...

Do Predators have penises?

7:02 PM  
Blogger Scarecrobot said...

LMAO! "Sucks me like a hurricane."

Like you REALLY didn't mean for THAT to be perverted!!!

10:47 AM  
Blogger Michael Bains said...

I don't know about "perverted", but it sure is a nice quality in a one-night-stand.

That comic seems to follow the PC Game theme more than what you'd hope for it. You could be either 1) Predator, 2) Alien or C) Marine. I got addicted to Quake 2 (when it first came out) before ever trying the Predator storyline, so can't speak to it, but the Marine was cool.

Being the Alien (in the game, I mean) induced far too much nausea as the character moved fast in 3 dimensions.

Handy if yer out of ipecac, but since Bush was "elected" I've not really needed any help feeling sick to my stomach...

6:45 AM  

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