Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm back and dear Lord, I hate vacation.

I don't know what it is about vacations that defeat the crap out of me. I've got a pretty easy life going, so when a vacation comes by I sort of feel undeserving and, well, worried that I won't be able to pick back up on my routine when I get back. And, if you've been following the site for a while, you already know what I'm talking about. Every vacation is followed by a couple weeks of slackitude, something I'm trying to avoid. By the way, slackitude includes responding to emails and what-not, something I'm still seriously behind on.
That said, fighting the urge to spend all my free time crushing the forces of Good by playing City of Villains has been difficult. Particularly when the Art I do for the game gets me two more months of free game time. If you go to the main page (for the uk), you'll find a painting of mine. Seriously. Check it out:

Oh and all those jokes I made about online gaming being digital crack? Apparently those weren't jokes. This crap is evil addictive.

PS: Because I totally forgot about Easter, come back tomorrow for a review of "Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter." I was going to review "Jesus Christ: Serial Rapist" but Bill Zebub hasn't sent me a copy yet. And that's a shame because that would've made a killer doulbe-feature.


Blogger Bitsmix said...

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Blogger Bitsmix said...

Ah, Zebub is an interesting man.

Did you say that that was his legal name? Or have I just watched too much Troma by now?

Enjoy CoV :D.

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