Sunday, September 23, 2007

Figaro, my big distraction.

The Berlin International Opera's production of Figaro has it taking place in an artist's commune. Not really, but that's the concept of the prodution. In it, Figaro is a painter. The cool thing is that all the art in the production is my own. So, I'm the "secret" Figaro behind the scenes. It's kind of rad. The downside is that I had to paint the same thing 7 times so the singers could destroy the "same" painting once per show. It breaks my heart. The upside? A big advertisement featuring my art in one of the big newspapers here in Berlin.
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And when people come to the Opera? My Art. Everywhere. Definitely cool.

Edit: Oh, and Voodoo Macbeth Teaser Art got slapped onto the program. As much Opera-related hell my flat is going through at the moment, I'm definitely looking forward to the next production. I'll keep you guys posted.
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Edit Edit:
To answer your question, when you send me an image of your Halloween costume, any file format is totally kosher. I've already received some great costume pics....including the sequel to the "Cat dressed up as a chicken." It's entertaining, up until P.E.T.A. gets involved.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, that's badass! Go you :B

Also, have you seen this?

Monster Squad got a 20th anniversary DVD release, complete with shiny new cover art. Thought you might be interested.

3:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Voodoo Macbeth - absolutely. That looks like a lot of fun....It caught my eye especially as I'm doing a lot of puppet/performing object research for a new book. - Kathe

4:50 PM  

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