Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Sidestep

I'm in the middle of painting what feels like a bajillion paintings based off the costumes you people have sent I thought I'd bring up something totally different on the Blog.

Due to the interests in the D&D Article I did about 8 months ago ( I got the entire run of Dragon Magazine and decided to skim through it for more moronic monsters. I found Death Pillows and Deadly Linens in the first one I opened, so trust me when I say it's going well. I also found an article on how Orgies and Prostitution fits into a D&D campaign. Since this article was written in the 1970's you'll find it to be...interestingly full of social acceptance of mass orgies. And somehow this idea combines with D&D to create some sort of Naked-Mom-dressed-up-as-Megaman-with-a-whip-and-a-phallic-puppet-
chasing-after-you-style nightmare that cannot be evaded.

And still, I find more. Can you tell what the theme of this image is?
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If you said "Magical Groin Injuries" you are most certainly correct.

PS: I went as an Evil Brain for Halloween this year. And I glowed. Pictures up soon.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Opera Ends....Halloween (really) Begins

The time is 12:27 AM. I just got home after our final performance of "The Marriage of Figaro". We pretty much sold out every night and dear GOD it was more successful than any of us would have guessed.

In related news, this means I can finally start treating my favorite holiday with some gusto. Expect todays (well, yesterday's as of 27 minutes ago) monster as well as more fun stuff once my brain settles down into a routine that doesn't involve Opera on a daily basis.

Oh and if you have a Halloween costume picture, send it in. (Any file format, I'm not picky.) I've already gotten quite a few and will be posting them later this week.

Edit: Oh Lord, I haven't shared ANYTHING I painted for the Opera. I'll have that up on the site later this week as well. It's not very weird or freaky, but it was fun.