Friday, March 27, 2009

Why I wish I was in Japan. (This Week)

Berlin is awesome, but it doesn't have giant, fire-breathing Robots.
Thank you Kenji Yanobe for creating something amazing. I'm a little on the fence about the giant golden nipples, but hey you MADE A 2 DOZEN FOOT TALL ROBOT THAT BREATHES FIRE.

The guy's actually pretty classy. Check out his site. It's particularly fun if you can't navigate the Japanese language. The benefit, of course, is you get to see more of "Giant Torayan".
"breaking the laws of reality by updating the blog twice in 24 hours"

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why Aren't You Painting?

The main page of the site involves a promise to update, me being an crybaby bastard, and a card game that only those who've followed the site for 4 years should know about.

Guess which one I'm going to talk about.

Despite that possible making it to a nearby gaming shop, I sort of should meander towards the other topics.

Just looking back at the Blog posts for the past year there's a terrible trend. It revolves around me NOT talking about what's been bothering me in any specific terms and making excuses, promises and other creatures that revolve around not updating the site in a timely fashion.

I think I avoid talking about it because I know how existing on the internet works. Well, assumedly I do to some degree. I mean I live in a country that doesn't speak my language so until recently I've been defined by a majority of virtual relationships. Webcomic Collectives, Forum Fanaticism, and other similar things....blah blah blah. There's the whole concept of digital time as well. I STILL get angry letters about the "Offensive Cartoons of World War 2" and that's been on the site for 4 years. What I don't want to have my sad confessions locked down in stone tablet form thanks know what? By now you know what I mean. Let's move on.

To everyone who's been sending me positive messages:
You Rock.

To the few sending me the hate mail:
I deserve it.
(With the exception of whoever sent me that long email about how retarded I am for using the offensive term retarded. You, sir, have Down's Syndrome. Yes, I can escalate the war of connotative vocabulary. )

Ok fine, I don't deserve most of it. But I'm an emo bastard who had a serious breakdown last year and never recovered. Everytime I think I've picked up the pieces something snaps and there I am, afraid to paint, afraid to write. Hell, here I am immortalizing my goofy-ass bullcrap at 3:30 in the morning. But yeah. I'm done writing a post I'll regret later. What I meant to do was write something to reward the surprisingly high number of folks who haven't given up on me ever updating again. That will happen. Things have swung upwards....and if anyone remembers my Evil Genius Card game (previously playtested by Steve Jackson Games) then that's the one I'm talking about on the main page. The goofy part...the game might be printed in German before it shows up in English. So very surreal. But uplifting. And much more interesting to talk about than me paraphrasing what I should be telling a shrink. I need to re-illustrate it as I've gotten better than I was 4 years ago.

Oh and I took a wooden paint palette that I'll never use because those things are pretentious as all hell and turned it into something productive:
It was that or one of those "Hang in there, Baby!" Cat posters. I stand by my choice.

And just because someone ask and I shared this on a forum, this is what happens when I decide to play Dungeons & Dragons. Ignore the text, enjoy the doodle.
I'm still not sure if killing Orks is good therapy or not.