Friday, May 08, 2009

Are White Folks allowed to point this out?

Just a quick aside:
Why is Oprah's weight problem considered "Pop Culture" news, while Oprah causing a Kentucky Fried Chicken Riot is "Black News". (She gave away chicken via her website, drama ensues.) There's a racial stereotype there somewhere....if Obama gave everyone free watermelon would that also be black news? God, I don't know if these things are finally far enough in the past to talk about but when I saw this it hurt my brain a bit. This from the world's worst new source, AOL News. Check it out, even if you don't have an account. They have a series of Blogs that are each focused on one thing...Pop Culture, Youtube Videos that are Popular, Manly Men Stuff, etc. and the hilarious thing is that these corporate advertisement blogs are given the same authority as normal news. So we'll see things about Iraq or something next to Lohan's latest fashion blunder. It's surreal. Sign of the times, but Surreal.

So yeah, hopefully this doesn't paint me as a terrible person or anything, I'm just kind of shocked that riots at KFC is a bit of "African-American-centric" news. And by shocked I mean laughing my ass off.

Another Aside for those that visit or live here in Berlin with me. I found this in the Psychetronic Film Guide for this old movie. There's nothing more surreal than seeing Post-War Germany filled with Spacemen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why is it racist to suggest black people like fried chicken? far as i know, so do white people, and asian people, and latin people. infact, i suspect that there is not a single region of the world where the chicken, or some sort of equivalent creature exists that people do not enjoy the consumption of it's fried muscle tissue.

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