Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Live! (Sort of)

Wow. I can't believe how busy my vacation has been. I don't have much time now but I do have SOME time so here's a quick rundown. The weird thing is how few opportunities I've had to get online in the past couple weeks....for someone who lives online it's hilarious to be so cut off from the digital realm. Were I to have neopets right now, they'd have starved long ago. So, Stuff!

1. GenCon. Wow. Just Wow.
My first convention and I had no idea what to expect. Things I learned:
#1: I suck at playing D&D Miniatures. I thought I was good but upon meeting American players I was ground into a fine pulp, snorted through a dirty rolled-up twenty, and used for nefarious purposes. It was hilarious how bad a player I was. I had a heck of a lot of fun but yeah, twas brutal.

#2: The Wizards folks are awesome. I can't talk too much about it but everyone was super-receptive, nice, and definitely into the geeky crap that I do. Well, most of them. I did have a drunken mishap explaining to a certain Forgotten Realms Designers and implying he didn't know about D&D having a website. Was a fun cross between hilarious and RPG-career suicide. Not really, but it was fun in a doom-filled kind of way.
Long story short, I've got some more geek-work in my future. I met everyone I was supposed to (and then some) and fun future projects were discussed. Fingers-Crossed and looking forward to hammering them out when I return to Berlin.

#3: Crap, the laptop's battery is about to die and I'm not even a quarter through all the stuff I need to share. More later. In the meantime, let me just show you two places where you can hear my voice:

Critical Hits let me aim some goofy questions at D&D Wizard James Wyatt. I wasn't supposed to talk but, well, I couldn't help it.

Also, I did a audio commentary with the Jerks for Dark Crystal and Tobe Hooper's Mortuary. Check them out if you dare.

More later guys...sorry for the radio silence. Vacation has been ...surreal. But fruitful.
(And if you've emailed me and I haven't written back but are reading this, know it's because of battery doom and that I've got a LOT of emails to respond to.)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Vaction Begins: Geneva Convention!

Fun Fact I'm surprised not every geek knows: GenCon is actually named "Geneva Convention" because the original was held by Gary Gygax in a house on Lake Geneva. I still think calling it the Geneva Convention would be cooler than GenCon, but apparently the "War Treaties of World History" commission would sue the pants off everyone. Go figure. Still, Geneva Convention, here I come.

Not much else to say, guys. In a number of hours I'll be flying to the states to enjoy the luxuries that are all things GenCon. I plan on posting in the Blog a few times while I'm away...some fun stuff is planned. One of my GenCon days I'll be doing an hourly comic since I haven't done those in forever and it should be educational.

One thing I'll be doing at GenCon that I'm stupid excited about: Morton's List. If you don't know what this is, you need to fix it. Even worse: If you find me at GenCon and challenge me to a game of Morton's List, I'm honor-bound to play with you then and there, for better or for worse. You were warned.

By the by, if you're going to GenCon and want to hunt me down, look for the goofy tall guy with the Blonde and Blue hair, boots, and a goofy "My Art is What Brought me here, how cool is that" expression on his face. Even if GenCon blows donkey, this is a great vacation already.
Life. Is. Good.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Goblin Stompers: We have a Winner.

They're here. When I first entered the contest, it was a the request of a forum buddy (never leave your buddy behind, particularly when on a field trip). Community response kind of instilled this "hey, they might actually go for some goofy Goblin shoes" and hopes got up.
Today, they announced the winners.
And yes, I won (2nd place but still!).

Announcement (and other 2 winners) can be found by clicking HERE.

Want to pre-Order Goblin Stompers? Click Here, you zany rapscallion.

Again, you guys rock.
"who uses weird totally stupid words like Rapscallion when he is giggling from contest-winning excitement"

Edit: Oh and in case you're into Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures (like I am...I'm a dork) I did a couple of designs for the DDM Guild's Cafe Press shop. My own will be updating but in the meantime check it out. Oh and "I play with Plastic Elves" is literally what I tell people when they ask about my geek hobby.
Click HERE, Sailor! (You're in the Navy now, just roll with me here. Seriously, you're ruining the mood. Salute, damn you, salute!)

Monday, August 03, 2009

Secret Project #X-2 revealed...

It's not that big a deal, but yeah, it totally is. Check out the Dungeons & Dragons Website and see if you see anything familiar.
Over the course of the next month they'll be unveiling the entire 40-piece set of Legendary Evil paintings and, well, those pieces belong to a rare breed that won't be appearing on my website because they were commissioned by someone else and they belong to them. Which is awesome. I'm proud of them so, even if my website's not updating because I'm on vacation, new art of mine will still be coming out if you know where to look.

Which is awesome.