Monday, March 08, 2010

Garbage Art Auction Finale

You guys are awesome. Final Congrats go to David for bidding more money than I was expecting and having to shiv a couple other bidders to walk away with the prize. Here's a picture of the pile slightly to tease but mostly to drive David crazy until he opens his mail in a week or so.
That's over 200 paintings (I think it's most likely around 217...I kept adding in other stuff as the bidding kept going up but I haven't re-counted since the original pile was created). Thank you, everyone. You, as previously stated, rock.

Oh and while I won't be previewing everything that was in the bundle, remember those two doodles I shared that were "work in progress" things? DungeonCrawler, the secret project I was working on went live...and that's what the werewolf image is from. Check it out:
I did a lot of art for this thing last year (and a little this year) and most of it I'm pretty proud of. Expect more of me pimping it in the future.

For those just curious to compare Werewolves, here's the image on my NewGrounds page. I wasn't thinking I was going to be too regular a contributor over there, but then I made the front page a couple of times and, well, my ego is easily stroked. :sigh:

Finally, for those still interested in getting more cheap old art from me, my goofy next "I need to get rid of paintings or throw them away" move will be all about the old Canvas paintings I have. It's a weird balance between selling them for almost nothing or repainting them. In the end I think I'll probably do a little bit of both. Other ideas include selling off theme bundles. Lord knows I've painted enough zombies, robots, angels, and fishmen to populate an entire fantasy setting's continent. But I digress. Expect a relaunch of my "I'm a Capitalist Whore" section where I casually peddle my wares. As opposed to my wears....I had no shame in peddling those Goblin Stompers. None at all.
"who sucks at business, but is happy to find homes for all his homeless paintings"