Thursday, August 04, 2011

Oh my. Google+ and Other things.

I figured I'd pop back over here to point you to where I've been blogging as of late. I'm kind of a Luddite but, weirdly enough, I accidentally made a Blog over at Google+. In reality I was just goofing around but then I looked up and realized if you just go to my Profile page, it's pretty much exactly what this Blog use to be ages ago. Which, considering this was also owned by Google, it kinda makes sense.

So yeah. Check it out. Apparently I'm much better at blathering about nothing there than I am here. Go figure.

CLICK THE LINK and continue Stalking:

(And Yes, I'm still kinda a Twitter Whore. I can't badmouth Twitter too much though...when I sent the call-out for help when the crisis hit last year it was insane how fast people came to my Aid. Twitter paid for my food last December and, well, that's pretty cool. Oh, and we're much better now. But you know that already. I hope.)

-Jared, Just checking in.