Monday, December 12, 2005 is very "special"

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While what I'm about to link to is part of this week's update (one of two articles), I wanted to bring special attention to it because, if I was smart, I would have posted it last week instead of the same day that the film comes out.
I mean really....who else is going to review the official movie site, I'm glad I did...otherwise I wouldn't know to keep an eye out for the "giant butt spiders" that are supposed to be in Peter Jackson's new film.
Anyway, check it out if you're curious and want to see what Universal pays for when it gives a Dungeons and Dragon player total creative freedom.


Blogger Dr. Shoggoth said...

It's not really a matter of King Kong being written by D&D geeks... it's a matter of it being written by biology geeks. The life-cycles of real life parasites are every bit as needlessly disgusting as Kong's butt spiders and meat weasels. For example, there's a parasite that uses crab egg-sacs to distribute its own larva. If it infects a male crab, it castrates and feminizes him so that he makes an egg-sac.

Besides which, I highly doubt we're going to see baby giant tapeworms crawling out of a giant spider's ass during any part of the movie. It's just background details written by bored designers. I hope.

9:04 PM  
Blogger Jared said...

I, too, hope that all the butt spider/meat weasel madness isn't going to show up in the movie, but it's presented right next to stuff that we KNOW is in the I'm still a little worried. I still want to know who Universal paid to come up with giant ass spiders.

Oh and I can't totally accept your "Biology Geek" theory, as accurate as it may be, because that would mean that Dungeons and Dragons monster guides were written by Biology geeks, and not geeks of the common variety. I still say the only things missing from these descriptions are the number of hit points and the gold each one drops when you kill it.

9:19 PM  

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