Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Lots of Info...It BEGINS

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The next time we speak (or...um...you read me...I think) the Art Crash will have begun. It starts whenever I wake up, so I'll update you guys here when that happens. I'm about to pass out now but let me churn out some random info at you before I get some sweet, sweet sleep.
Random Info #1: I've added an official "Art Crash" page to the website. That's where I'm going to be putting the paintings whenever I have time to scan them in...which should be about once a day if all goes according to plan. Right now you might want to look at it because I cut & pasted a version of the "master request list" onto it. You people are insane. And even though a lot of your requests are great...some of them are less so. Feel free to keep suggesting. I hope to keep taking requests until this is over.
Random Info #2: The WebCamera is up. Well, it's set up and when I wake I'll turn it on so you can see what's drying and/or what I just finished painting. In the meantime you can check it out now and see what I'm having for breakfast in the morning.
I just removed the Webcam link because for some reason it's messing up my ability to update the website. Stupid technology messing with me....I'll sort out the webcam later. Sorry for it only being up a few hours but it's breaking my computer somehow. If you'd like to suggest an alternate place to upload the images, feel free to email me. For some reason my sit does NOT like the WebCam.
Random Info #3: A fair number of people have asked me to price paintings that I haven't even painted yet. I'm not one to turn down a fan with money, so here's the deal if you're interested:
Anything that gets painted this Crash is yours if you want it for 10 bucks. Since I'm in Germany and living off the Euro, add 8 for shipping and it's on its way (if you buy more, shipping only needs be covered once). That's a lot cheaper than usual, but I figured it'd be fun if I didn't have these things littering my apartment after this thing is over. Also I have the sneaking suspicion (because you've out-and-out told me) that a couple of people are afraid of the whole "bid" system I've got going on. Anywhoo. Ghetto Cheap art. Let's move on.
Random Info #4: I emailed a bunch of celebrites ranging from Internet citizens most of us have heard of to the original Tom Servo to several bestselling authors that I love to artists/cartoonists much better than me to a sock puppet of Sifly & Olly to Terry Pratchett's publicity agent, Colin Smythe. Even better, they responded...each suggesting weird things for me to draw or weird styles to do it in. When I start updating the Art Crash page I'll give you more info...because this is less about "OMG I talked to a Celebrity" and much more about actually getting creative suggestions from people who help influence me and got me where I am today. That sounds sappy, but God damn I've got some severely random influences going on here. Stay tuned.
Random Info #5: As promised, here's the update: At Noon on February 15th I got up and started painting. That's Berlin time, so for you Americans remember that I'm living in the Future.
See you guys soon, most likely with paintings.
God damn, I feel like it's Christmas Eve.
Oh almost forgot: For those of you that hate my Art and miss the good ol' days before I painted, please accept this review of Bakshi's Cool World as a gift. And if you like dirty things, I talk about Kim Basinger's cha-cha. A lot. Because it's funny.
Updates due to emails: Most of the paintings should be about 8 x 11 in size since I have a crapload of watercolor/sketch paper that size that I plan on going through, but since none are made yet I don't know for sure. Also that was Dollars and NOT Euros. And finally, because I totally forgot to label where most of the ideas came from, I don't know who's idea is who's.
Oh and to answer the final question: Yes, I ate the donut.
Update-Update: Yes, the website apparently wasn't working for about ten minutes. Don't ask...but all seems to be well now. I think.


Blogger Collin said...

"Everything that gets painted this Crash is yours if you want it for 10 bucks."

So, I can get all 214 paintings for $10?! Talk about a bargain at twice the price! Or do you mean "Each painting that gets painted..."?

If you do my two main suggestions I'll probably want them.

9:46 PM  
Blogger Collin said...

"Cool World" had potential that it never even came close to realizing. I remember having high hopes for this film that were totally dashed. I also agree, the backgrounds were great.

Have you ever watched "Heavy Metal 2000"?

10:10 PM  
Blogger Jared said...

To answer your question Collin, I updated the Blog entry to say "Anything" instead of "Everything" because you're weird. Well, not really, two other people emailed me with similar questions. Oops.

Oh and I haven't seen Heavy Metal 2000 despite picking up the box several times because I haven't been able to find a version in English over here.

3:17 AM  
Blogger Collin said...

Actually, not having it in English might make it a better movie.

I hope you get your technical problems worked out and that it doesn't cut too much into your painting. Have fun!

6:21 AM  

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