Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Art Crash: Day 2

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Man, I'm really under-reporting this particular Art Crash. I think it has something to do with me deciding to do it at the very last minute...and I already know it's not going to be as long as the last one I did (just one week this time). Still, it's going well...despite the same telling stress factors popping up. Apparently there's this three day cycle thing in an Art Crash. Two days of drawing and inking and cleaning, and then one third day to finish a bunch of them. At this very moment I've only completed one painting. Day three starts in only a handful of hours. The good part is that I've got about 66 paintings close to being done. So it's depressing to think that I've only finished one (which is pretty much what "this week's art" is on the site right now), but I've spread the work out amongst 60+ pieces. Gah.


Blogger amber said...

creating alot of art at once is hard work. especially when you are trying to keep them looking different and not all the same. kudos to you my brother...keep up the art!!

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