Friday, May 19, 2006

Art Crash: Day 4 (The Disease)

You know...I'm glad this Art Crash isn't supposed to last longer than Seven days. Right now I'm in good shape Art Crash-wise....but this morning I woke up sick with a fever. Not a big deal since I didn't plan on going out today, yet that does put a damper on my work pace. I don't have time to scan everything that's been done already, but I can at least share SOMETHING from the Art Crash, right?
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I love it when my own art give me the willies.
(who apologizes if the above post makes no sense. He is, after all, sicker than usual at this point in time.)
Ironically a few people on the KoL board are trying to organize a group Art Crash, or something to that effect. The ironic part is its name:
Art Crash Infection.
I wish them luck, mostly because marathons like these really put things in focus. Or, as one person put it, it's like living on the moon. Check them it out if you're curious.


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stumbled upon your blog and really liked it. me and a couple of artsy friends have set up an online journal that you might be interested in...

its the roundtable review at

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