Thursday, August 24, 2006

Cosmic Encounter, it's still around?

I'm not into online gaming that much. KoL supplies said fix, but that's sort of tongue in cheek. You know, because the game is tongue-in-cheek. That said, I AM a board/card game dork. That said, let me ramble for a second.
A while back, a friend of mine introduced me to this old out-of-print game that he found used in some gaming store's bargain bin. The game's called Cosmic Encounter and dear Lord it's incredibly addictive.
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I wouldn't usually rant about a board game that's supposed to be out of print but for all purposes turns out not to what's my point here?
While digging up an image of the box cover (the game features very Giger-esque awesomeness), I found out that there's apparently an online version. That you can play. For free. Sadly you have to fork over cash to play the game in its full glory (and the art/terminology is an unholy abortion of the games original beauty), but hey, it's actually the same game.
The weirder thing is I found a webpage that's just a "list of free webgames." While I'm usually completely irritated by goofy pages that are random assortments of links (and show up first when you google something), I found a page...that's a random...assortment of links. The thing that makes me share it is that four of these games have completely swallowed friend's lives and two of them almost swallowed mine a while back. A lot of them are free...but kind of suck if you're not willing to fork over cash, but whatever. Kingdom of Loathing is there, as well as a couple things that I wish weren't.
So, if you have far too much time to waste and want to be introduced to a lot of games that sound cool but you've never heard of them...take a peak.
Man, I wish I had more free time.
"who is resisting the urge to find out what Second Life is"


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